Perspectives on the World Christian Movement 
Join the World Christian Movement
This class is coming back to the area in Spring 2019!!! Block off your calendar now to assure you can attend! Learn how to use your skills and passions to glorify God in all the earth – no matter your age, location or vocation. The Perspectives course will provide you with greater perspective to live your life with eternal significance and purpose. 
Sundays, January 20 to May 12th; 12:30-3:30pm – Campus Life Family Center in Sheboygan
Sundays, Jan 13 to May 5th, 5:30-8:30pm – Elmbrook Church in Brookfield
Mondays, January 14 to May 13th- Eastbrook Church in Milwaukee
Tuesdays, January 15 to May 14rd- Community Church in West Bend
Wednesdays, January 16 to May 15th- Ethnos 360 (Formerly New Tribes Bible Institute) in Waukesha  to register or see our instructor line-up. Pricing information varies based on level of enrollment.  Early bird discounts available. Family discounts are also available. Tanya Arentsen, Pastor Ron, and any other course alumni are available if you have questions ( )
Who should take the class?
Anyone who wants a closer walk with the Lord, who is serious about gaining a deeper understanding of His ultimate purpose. It’s for anyone who wants to learn how to strategically invest their lives in seeing God glorified; for anyone who wants to gain insight and direction that will help them to impact their generation. If this describes you, no matter what your age or position, Perspectives is for you! The first 2 lessons of the class are free!
Curriculum The Perspectives Reader is a collection of the best articles by a wide variety of Biblical scholars, historians, missiologists, and practitioners. The Perspectives Study Guide helps students navigate through the Reader and ushers students through the study of God’s mission and character through the Bible, Christian history, culture, and the task remaining in world evangelization. Class activities and our unique instructor format bring the class alive to explore what God is doing in the world today. No recent school experience needed!
15 Instructors The most unique aspect of the course is the diversity and quality of our instructors. We have scheduled a lineup of Biblical scholars, missionaries, pastors, professors, and mobilizers who bring a wealth of experience and passion to each lesson. Some are flown in and some are local. Check out the website for the line-up and their bios!
Three Levels Available
With students ranging from 16 to 102, we know everyone is at a different season of life. While the course is accredited for Undergrad and Graduate Level Credit ($550 for all three credits), most aren’t looking for credit and opt for the Certificate Level ($250) of study. This includes the best articles, weekly reviews graded by alumni who give feedback to help you grasp the concepts, and an integrative project which ties all you have learned together. The Key Reading Level ($250) is a more basic level of a few selected articles each week and some journal responses. We highly recommend everyone taking it for Certificate Level unless you are seeking college credit. You can always change your enrollment level later in the course if it is too overwhelming. The first 2 lessons of the class are free so come check it out!

Why does Perspectives cost so much?

In reality, the Perspectives course is a bargain. Each session costs a little more than going to a movie, but offers a far better return than mere entertainment. You are getting a glimpse into the eternal purpose of God in a way you will never forget. If you look at it in terms of investment instead of cost, the value of the course will far exceed the money invested.  The fees for the class are based on the travel expenses for speakers, administrative costs, costs for class materials, etc. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the program. Local churches (including Faith Reformed Church) offer scholarships because they view it as an investment. We have never heard anyone say they regret taking the class and spending the money.

Perspectives sounds good, but what if after I attend the first session I decide it’s not for me?

No problem. You may attend the first two lessons for free, and if you decide you can’t continue with Perspectives, you may stop. Refunds are available until the date listed in the syllabus. Otherwise, you have nothing to lose. (Early bird discounts are available until Dec 15th)