Easter Bible Studies
Deeper study- Blake Jenning’s Cover to Cover series – Includes video, podcast/audio, slides, etc. 
From cover to cover, the entire Bible tells one grand story, a story centered on Jesus, a story we’ll learn in nine words over three weeks. In this first week of CREATION, REVOLT, and PROMISE, we’ll set the stage in Genesis for all that comes next.
In this second week of LAW, KING, and HOPE, we’ll see both the failures of Israel and the faithfulness of God as we fly from Exodus to Malachi.  Click here.
In this final week of JESUS, CHURCH, and SHALOM, we’ll discover God’s surprising solution to the problem of sin and our place in His grand story.


***Note-this material supports believers-only baptism theology – this view is contrary to PCA theology.  


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Fill-in the Blank Answers for Fulfilled Study  

  • Lesson one –  A Story of Promises 

Page 10 – 11 Abrahamic covenant      1. Land – 2. Blessings 3. Seed   Galatians 3:6-9 Blessed to be a Blessing- Jesus would be for all people; Abrahamic covenant not yet   fulfilled – fulfillment when Jesus returns; Access, Law 

Mosaic pages 12- 3 types of laws  Civil, Ceremonial, moral page 13  – heart or Desire 

Davidic – page 14 – House- descendants , Throne-Authority , Kingdom-a nation to rule

Davids covenant was irrevocable, but to experience it’s promise David and his descendants must obey the law.      OBEY 

New Covenant page 15  Forgiveness of sins. A new heart ( desire to obey)  Holy Spirit 

  • Lesson 2  Because He Lives

Page 20-21  Forgiveness of Sin,  New Heart, Holy Spirit.    Qualified, Appointed, Proven , Repent,  Must be perfect like God, truly unattainable.  Only Christ met the standard.

Accept , King , Reject   pages 22 receipt, saved