Resources for the Joel Fast:
Description of the Joel Fast:
In the days of the prophet Joel, the people of God faced an unprecedented crisis: locusts, drought, famine, and fire were
devastating the land of Israel and making it impossible to worship at the temple. In the midst of this crisis, Joel called upon the community to set apart a day for fasting and prayer (Joel 1:14).

In our own day, Coronavirus, not unlike an army of locusts, has invaded many lands and left devastation in its wake. Like Joel’s contemporaries, we find ourselves dislocated from our places of worship and uncertain about the future.

Accordingly, churches in Belgium, Cedar Grove, Hingham, Gibbsville, and Oostburg are inviting you to join them for a day of fasting and prayer on Friday, April 24. The purpose of the Joel Fast is to seek God’s face wholeheartedly, to cry out for His deliverance, and above all to pray for Him to be glorified in our area, in our nation, and in the world!
If you would like to participate, there is no need to sign up, and you do not even need to leave your home! All you have to do is choose how long you want to fast and what you want to fast from. Some people may want to fast from food from sunrise to sunset, but depending on your age, health, work status, and experience level, you may choose to fast from a single meal; to set aside just meat, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, coffee/soda; or even to refrain from texting, social media, television, etc., in order to better focus on the things of God.
During the Joel Fast, there are countless ways in which you and your family can connect with God, including Bible reading, prayer, or singing. For ideas on how to pray, you can access a prayer guide on the Joel Fast Facebook Group. What creative ways of connecting with God can you think of? Feel free to post them on the discussion board!
At the end of the Joel Fast on April 24, you are invited to watch a 30-minute worship video that area pastors/leaders are creating. The video will be posted on the Joel Fast Facebook group at 5:30 pm. You can also watch the video on cable TV on channel 14 (5:30-6 pm, 7:30-8 pm) or channel 20 (6-6:30 pm, 6:30-7 pm, 8-8:30 pm, 8:30-9pm).
See the attached flyer for more information, and stay tuned to this Facebook Group for further details and helpful resources!

*PLEASE feel free to invite friends to join!