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The congregation is served by six Ministry Teams divided according to our Mission Statement.  Each Team has an Elder and Deacon representative appointed by the Executive Committee.  At-large members are appointed by the Teams themselves.  


Rob Danforth (elder), Matt Ewing (deacon) Promotes sharing God’s message of salvation with the community by providing training and encouragement for members to share the good news in their daily activities. Also plans programs designed to reach out to new residents in the community and those without church affiliation.


Jim Meinen (elder), Dan Weiss (deacon) Promotes sharing God’s message of salvation to the nations (specifically unreached people groups) by sending, supporting, and praying for our missionaries.  Informs the congregation on the status of the churches missionaries, and plans ways for the congregation to be part in missions.


Carl Velzke (elder), Jamie Meinen (deacon) Advises and assists the Pastor and other worship leaders in planning and evaluating our worship services. Considers new opportunities for worship for our members and the community.  


Dave Obbink (elder), Jim Wonser (deacon) Provides for congregational fellowship and care. Works to include members and newcomers fully in church life.  


Jeff Risseeuw (elder), Matt Arentsen (deacon) Oversees the lifelong process of becoming a mature Christian. Works to ensure appropriate and attractive growth opportunities are offered for all age groups within the congregation.  


Jon Sass (elder), Bob Dirkse (deacon) Oversees the property resources of the church.  Recognizes that all things come from God and provides leadership in being good stewards of all church resources.  



MODERATOR: Zach Tarter; VICE-MODERATOR: Jim Meinen;  CHAIRMEN OF THE DEACONS: Jim Wonser;  CLERK: Jeff Risseeuw