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W.I.L.D.:  Mike and Ann Prom

Mike and Ann Prom were married over 35 years ago at Faith Reformed and raised their three children, Becky (married to Sanford), Eric (married to Jenny) and Ben in Rhinelander, WI., while serving in youth ministry there.  Five grandchildren are a part of Ann and Mike’s family. Over the years Ann has served in various administrative ministry roles. Mike is currently founder and director of Wise Intentional Leadership Development (WILD), an international, interdenominational spiritual leadership ministry and impacting countries in Africa and Asia along with here in the US. WILD works with all ages and strategically involves women and young people, helping all to think biblically as leaders.  Material on spiritual leadership development, Biblical worldview understanding, Bible characters, and youth leaders’ training are provided free of charge, offering discipleship training to many who would not otherwise receive such help.  Additionally, Mike was Director of Headwaters Christian Youth (HCY) in Rhinelander, of which WILD was birthed out of, and currently serves as HCY Administrative Advisor.  

To Every Tribe:  Matt and Ashley Klockenga & Ron and Jen Keres


Serving side by side are Matt & Ashley with children and Ron and Jen with their children. These young missionary families are serving the First Nations peoples in Northwest Ontario which is only accessible by plane most of the year. They trained for two years at To Every Tribe. They have a passion for making Christ known in the places where the gospel is not established. Their long-term goal is to help the First Nations people in this region establish their own self-sustaining, self-reproducing, Native-led church founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God. They believe God has called them to live among the people and do life on life discipleship.  The agency they are under is called To Every Tribe.

Wycliffe:  Todd and Darlene Voskuil

Todd and Darlene Voskuil were both born and raised in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.  We praise the Lord for His amazing grace in our lives and His free gift of salvation, redeeming us by His atoning sacrifice for our sins.  God used faithful Godly parents to raise us in Christ’s love and His Word.  We were married in 1982 and were active members of Calvary OPC.  In 1990, the Lord guided us to become missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  By December we became members and were commissioned by our church, with our two children at that time, Ryan (4) and Angela (2), to go to Papua New Guinea to serve missionary teens and their families.  After our service in PNG we were given an assignment at JAARS, Wycliffe’s technical support center, in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  JAARS vision is that people’s lives and communities are transformed as they experience God’s Word in their own language.  Todd is the business manager over the Logistical Services Department, which provide the necessary goods and services to all Wycliffe’s overseas entities and members around the globe.  

We have been blessed with 5 children, one daughter in law, and currently three grandsons.

We are grateful to our Lord and Savior for using all of us as members of HIS body to be part of HIS life changing kingdom work, for HIS glory.   Thank you, for your vital support in providing the gospel message to every tribe and language.

India Transformed

India Transformed! engages caring people to invest in transformation among India’s needy. They care for the poor and destitute across India by empowering Indian people to transform their families, communities, nation and the world.  Our church specifically supports a community transformation center which is the heart of the church planting movement by sending Indian believers to Indian peoples throughout India. We support a native who is in this two-year training program.  

Words of Hope

An international media ministry working to build the church throughout the world. Focusing on hard to reach areas because of poverty, geography or social antagonism toward Christianity by partnering with existing Christian organizations in these places and equipping them for more effective ministry. Jon is the acting president.

Arab World Media

The missionary we support through this ministry must remain anonymous for security purposes. The organization’s vision is to see mature, multiplying churches among all Muslim peoples of the Arab world. They walk beside Muslims on their journey to faith in Jesus by supporting seekers and new believers through personal contact and online discipleship, and connecting them with local believers where possible. Arab World Media uses strategic digital media to present the truth of the gospel and engage Muslims who are seeking, open and ready. They support believers with online discipleship and connecting them to believers who are near them.  

EFCA ReachGlobal – Czech Republic

More information about this outreach will be coming soon.  We are still awaiting approval to add a bio to this section.  

Compassion International

Our Sunday School students sponsor 2 children through weekly offering.
Kartik Bunarjee – Bangladesh
Daniella Osei – Ghana

World Team – Kelsey and Josue Corpas

Kelsey grew up in Oostburg, WI where she was raised in a Christian home. You may know her parents Jim and Nancy TeBeest. Kelsey is working full-time for World Team living in Madrid, Spain. She has been in Spain for 6 years. Initially she was teaching English through a business as missions English Academy. However, she saw God opening up many more doors to share our faith on her basketball team and running club. Since Kelsey saw more open doors through sports and fitness, she now has the focus of reaching Spaniards through those avenues. Through sports and fitness, they build relationships with people, earning their trust and right to share our faith. They share the truth of the gospel and joy of walking with Jesus while praying that God opens the hearts of Spaniards. Their plan is to stay in Spain for 10-15 years as it takes time for the seeds to grow fruit.  Their ultimate goal is to see the creation of church plants led by Spaniards.

Bill and Liz Ferguson

The Ferguson’s spent 2 years in China before they had to leave abruptly due to the political unrest.  They have since identified an opportunity in Croatia to bring the gospel to the Deaf.  The Deaf have their own language and their own culture and are largely a forgotten people group.  There is no Deaf language which has the complete Bible translation and the language of Deaf people are not the same across the world.  Lord willing, the Ferguson’s will be leaving in 2020 to begin their journey.

We are excited to partner with them as the Deaf brings a new people group into our support web and one that we had not considered until now.