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Mike and Ann Prom

W.I.L.D.:  Mike and Ann Prom

Mike and Ann Prom have been involved with Headwaters Christian Youth (HYC) in Rhinelander, WI., for 33 years.  HCY is an interdenominational youth ministry.  Discipleship, mentoring and leadership training play a significant ministry role in HCY.  An international spiritual leadership ministry, Wise, Intentional Leadership Development (WILD) was birthed out of HCY’s work impacting numerous portions of Africa and Nepal.  WILD helps young adults think biblically as leaders.  Material on spiritual leadership development, Biblical worldview understanding, and youth leaders’ training are provided free of charge, offering discipleship training to many who would not otherwise receive such help.  Mike is director of both ministries and founder of WILD.

Matt and Ashley Klockenga

Canada:  Matt and Ashley Klockenga 

Matt & Ashley along with their daughter Gracie are a young missionary family who are serving the First Nations peoples in Northwest Ontario. They have a passion for making Christ known in the places where the gospel is not established. Their long-term goal is to help the First Nations people in this region establish their own native led local churches. They believe God has called them to live among the people and do life on life discipleship. The agency they are under is called      To Every Tribe.


Canada:  Ron and Jen Keres

Ron and Jen Keres are from Sycamore, IL and have two sons, Owen and Graham. Ron and Jen became passionate about bringing the gospel to the unreached through their involvement with Campus Crusade for Christ, their local church, and reading the word of God. They trained for two years at To Every Tribe and are now being sent to the First Nations People of Northwest Ontario. Their goal is to live long term in an isolated First Nations community which is only accessible by plane, with the hope of planting a self-sustaining, self-reproducing, Native-led church founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God, in a culturally appropriate way.

Todd Voskuil Family

Wycliffe:  Todd and Darlene Voskuil

Todd and Darlene Voskuil were born and raised in Cedar Grove, WI,  married in 1982, and active members of Calvary OPC. In December of 1990, the Lord guided them to become missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators and were commissioned to go to Papua New Guinea as house parents from 1991-1993. After their service in PNG, they were assigned to Wycliffe’s support center, JAARS, in North Carolina.  Todd currently works as the Business Manager of the Purchasing and Shipping Department, which provides goods and services to all of Wycliffe’s overseas entities and members around the globe.  Todd an Darlene are the parents of Ryan, Angela, Jessica, Justin, and Caleb.