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Connect is our Wednesday night middle school & high school ministry.  It is held in cooperation with Calvary OPC and First EPC of Cedar Grove, and takes place at First EPC (221 N. Main St.).  Connect gives students the opportunity to break away from their weekly routines to connect with God and each other.  Students are encouraged to gather for fellowship & a snack as early as 6:00PM; worship begins at 6:20 and the night concludes at 7:30.  After fellowship, high schoolers will gather for worship led by a live band.  Then, they will hear a large group lesson that will hit on relevant topics in their lives, followed by small group discussion that will help them further process the topic at hand.  Also, once per month at Connect, we will have a special event that will emphasize fellowship, service, outreach, etc. to help the students practice what what they’re learning.  All students grades 9-12 are welcome to join us!


Core groups are small group Bible studies for middle and high school students.  They are held in cooperation with Calvary OPC and First EPC of Cedar Grove, and take place at Faith Reformed on Sunday nights from 6:00-7:00PM.  Core groups help students learn how to read the Bible on their own, which is a lifelong discipline at the core of Christian living.  Groups are also divided by age and gender, so they are critical in developing relationships with Christian peers who will help each other navigate through life together, as well as adult leaders that serve as mentors.   See this link for more information on upcoming high school events, as well as a calendar for Connect & Core.  

Sunday School

After the morning service each Sunday from 10:30-11:15, we hold two Sunday school classes for high schoolers.  The first class serves as a crash course of the Christian faith through studying the Heidelberg Catechism.  The second class serves as a “catch all” for our first 18 years of Christian education and helps solidify the students’ Christian worldview.  In the worldview class, students can bring whatever questions they have about the faith, and they are covered one week at a time through scripture study.


FORT Winter Retreat

Each year our High School students go on a retreat in northern Wisconsin. This trip is one of the highlights of our year. We play a wide variety out outdoor winter sports (especially broomball!), and also fellowship indoors in the game room and other meeting areas. The best part is the spiritual growth we share together. Over the years, we’ve seen many students come to faith in Christ through the proclamation of His Gospel. Plans for next year’s trip are already in the works!  

Annual Summer Mission Trip

Each year high schoolers take a week-long mission trip. Over the years, we’ve worked alongside many different churches and missions agencies, assisting them in a variety of ways. Every fourth year, we intend to take a cross-cultural trip similar to our Puerto Rico trip in 2017. On our trips, students have the opportunity to serve others with their hands and feet, and to share Christ’s love with children and other residents of the communities they serve in.  

Summer – High School Hangout

In the summer months, we gather at students’ houses on several Sunday nights at 6:00PM for food and fellowship.  These gatherings are low-key, and serve as great opportunities for relationship building, though we often end up having meaningful discussions around a bonfire.  For updates, follow us on Instagram!